summit cross on the Kreuzjoch
Active in Summer & Winter

The Pitztal valley - charming in any season!

In the summer you can explore the Pitztal valley and the surrounding mountains with our experienced guides. As a special highlight we recommend the hike to the summit cross on the Kreuzjoch. We are looking forward to hiking through the beautiful nature of the Pitztal valley and the Pitztal Alps with you!
In the winter skiing and snowshoeing are on the programme - there is an activity for every age and ability level. We are happy to advise you, should you have questions on the individual hikes, tours or ski areas.

Your Tourguides Franz und Andrea Staggl
Your Tour Guides Franz and Andrea

Andrea and Franz Staggl have lived their passion for hiking and cycling for more than 10 years. We from the Arzlerhof organise more than 150 hiking tours every summer and winter (more than 80,000m of altitude gain annually!), most of which are accompanied by a hiking guide or Franz or Andrea.

Andrea and Franz Staggl will introduce you to a wide range of unforgettable nature impressions and there is a hike for every level of ability. You can also profit from Andrea and Franz Staggl's cycling and mountain biking experience. They are continuously improving their programme to be able to offer perfect service and extensive support.

Summit cross at the Kreuzjoch in the Pitztal valley
The summit cross at the Kreuzjoch

As a thank you for 10 years of accident-free hiking with their guests, Andrea and Franz had a summit cross erected at the Kreuzjoch in 2010. It is a wonderful spot at 2.305m altitude with picture-perfect all-around views.